Signature Selection


1. Casablanca Blonde:

IBU: 18 ABV%: 5.0

A light bodied blonde ale with a straw
yellow tone and white fluffy head. Unfiltered with Alberta flaked wheat, bringing subdued notes of sweetness, herbs and spice - the ideal summer ale

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2. Red Trolley Amber:

IBU: 18 ABV%: 5.2

Have you been looking for a truly malt-forward ale? Steep right up! A red/amber tone with a lovely rich caramel flavor. You may also pick up sublte notes of biscuit and cookie. Light bittering hops, just enough to balance.


Jenkins Grapefruit Ale: IBU: 16 ABV%: 5.0

The name says it all - Grapefruit! With 3 separate flavor additions, this all-season ale delivers a slight tartness combined with a refreshing dry finish. Light in color but heavy in flavor!

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Passchendaele Pale Ale: IBU: 42 ABV%: 5.3

This ale is hop-forward with floral and fruity flavors and tonnes of aroma. 5 different hops at 5 different intervals, this could be an instant favorite, The mouth feel is soft and generous, giving it that "gulpable" danger. Enjoy with caution!


Marda Station IPA:

IBU: 65 ABV%: 6.6

Our ode to West Coast IPA. Lots of hop aroma and a nice hop punch to the nether region. Not much else to say other than, bottoms up!


 We also have a selection of Red and White wine, Ciders, and Gluten Free Beer!