Beer to Go

Growler Bar

Step 1: Bring in your Growler bottle, or grab one of ours....or two...or three. (Don't worry. We won't judge)

Step 2: Step right up to the counter and fill out a Growler tag and hand it over to your friendly Growler tech.

Step 3: Grab some extra beers from the cooler, which will be surrounded by our MLBC swag, so heck, you might as well grab a tee or a hat while you're there. You might look cooler heading out than you did heading in. Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

Step 4: Pay the piper! One of our amazing staff will be there to collect your payment so you can be on your way!

Step 5: Escape through the secret Growler exit. Ok.'s not super-secret, but it sounds pretty awesome, right? #notquitenarnia

Step 6: ENJOY! Don't forget to rinse out your Growler after use and repeat!

Cans to Go

Enjoy our brews in the comfort of your home!

We have our 5 signature beers available in 4 packs (4x473ml cans) ranging from $16 to $18.50! You can also find us at select liquor stores!