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Growler Cleaning and Maintenance:


We recommend rinsing immediately after it’s empty.  Right after pouring that last drop of golden goodness, give your Growler a rinse with hot water. If you can rinse it out pretty quickly after it’s finished, then that’s all you really have to do to get it clean and ready for the next fill since we’ll give it a quick sanitization here at Marda Loop Brewing. 

Detergents and Cleansers: If you let the Growler sit for a while before rinsing it out, then you’ll want to use some sort of cleanser to help get it clean. If you do this, it is wise to not use a fat or oil-based soap. These will make it harder to completely rinse out, possibly leaving residuals behind that could ultimately lower the quality of your next fill. 

Consider Using a Brush: If it’s really nasty inside, then it may be best for you to use a brush to give it a good scrub. A carboy brush or baby-bottle brush will do the trick. However, it is not recommended that you use a brush with metal wires to clean a glass or ceramic Growler as it may damage the container. 

Let it Air-Dry: Now that you’ve cleaned out the inside, it’s best to just let it air dry. We recommend drying it upside down and leaning it against the wall at an angle to help expedite this process. If you try to dry the inside with a towel, then you will likely leave tiny fibers behind, which will affect the overall quality of your next fill. It would also be a giant pain to try to hand-dry the inside of a Growler. So, pack some patience and let it dry on its own.