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At Marda Loop Brewing, we believe in putting people and community first. We support a better quality of life for others in the following ways:

Charitable Giving:

For us, it’s a no brainer. We believe in sharing the fruits of our labour with those less fortunate than us. Our signature charity program is a partnership between the brewery and our customers. 

Community Engagement:

We believe that Marda Loop Brewing has a contribution to make to community life. We participate in activities to build authentic connections and support community initiatives including: sponsoring events, donating goods and volunteering.

Brewery Culture:

*  Place: We believe that a sense of place is what roots people to communities. Marda Loop Brewing offers a gathering place to share ideas, strengthen friendships and meet other community members.

*  Employees: We believe that a workplace should be where the best of who we are shines.We want happy employees so we hire people with fantastic attitude and whose values align with ours. We make sure they have the resources and training they need to do their job and we pay them a fair wage.

Social Responsibility:

We believe in collaborating with other brewers to increase awareness about our industry, influence public policy that impacts breweries, and provide leadership where we can.